2023 Member Income Tax Information

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The amounts shown below are the annual amount for the calendar year 2023, which covers parts of two different membership years. Please note that your Trust Fund contribution is included since it is collected as “dues” under Category 1. Trust Fund contributions are also included with dues if you are a Category 2 employee and have elected to participate in the MTA Trust Fund.
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Cat. 1 Full Time $ 3,400.80 (w/o TF $1,200.80*) Cat. 1 Full Time $ 1,485.60 (w/o TF $485.60*)
2 30%-60% $ 2,821.90 (w/o TF $621.90*) 2 30%-60% $ 1,251.70 (w/o TF $251.40*)
3 30% or less $ 332.70 3 30% or less $ 134.40
* Temporary Contract (TCs) and Probationary Employees (Prob 1 or 2) are not required to contribute to the TF until they earn permanent status.
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~   Separated from MUSD 6/2023 (Retirement, Resignation, Etc.)   ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Cat. 1 Full Time $ 1,915.20 (w/o TF $715.20*)   Cat. 3 30% or less $198.30
  2   $ 1,570.50 (w/o TF $370.50*)          
Political contributions are as follows: MTA-ABC $25/year.
FACT $10/year, NEA-PAC $10/year (or what you have designated).
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Dues Categories

Your MTA Dues are broken down into various categories. The category that you belong to depends on your employment status with the District. Category 1 Members work fulltime. Category 2 Members work 30%-60% of the time and Category 3 members work less than 33% of the time. The amount of dues you pay, depends on the amount of time you work.

Our members dues are comprised of 4 basic parts: MTA Dues, CTA Dues, NEA Dues and the Trust Fund.

CTA Dues

CTA Dues are transmitted directly to CTA and pay for state level benefits such as legal protection in the classroom, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, well-baby program, Disaster Relief Fund and much more. Your CTA dues also earn you eligibility for voluntary programs (at your expense) that are not available to non-members. These programs include Group Life Insurance, Payroll Protection Plans, Home & Auto Insurance, Travel & Entertainment Discounts and much more. For more information about CTA benefits, click here.

NEA Dues

NEA Dues are transmitted to CTA which then transmits them to NEA and pay for national level benefits like the CTA/NEA Educators Employment Liability (EEL) Program and NEA Complimentary Life Insurance. Your NEA Dues also grant you eligibility for voluntary programs (at your expense) like NEA Rental Car Program, NEA Home Appliance Discount and NEA Click & Save, among others. For more information about NEA benefits, click here

MTA Dues

MTA Dues pay for your local membership benefits which include the costs to maintain the MTA Office, the cost to bargain the MTA-MUSD Contract and the costs of local meetings and training opportunities, among other benefits. Not every district has a local association office which means that some association have less professional support at the local level.

Retirement Supplemental Health Plan (The Trust)

MTA-RSHP Contributions ($195.00 per month in 2021-22). MTA has a benefit that is unique to our association. No other district in the State offers a program like the MTA-RSHP or Trust Fund This program pays the medical insurance premiums (up to a flat dollar amount, $500 per month in 2021) of eligible retired MTA members from the time they reach the age of 67 through the rest of their lives. This program is primarily what makes our dues so much higher than those of surrounding districts and the benefit is entirely for our members! For more information about the MTA Retirement Supplemental Health Plan, click here.

MTA Dues Amounts (2022-23)

MTA Dues CTA Dues NEA Dues MTA-RSHP (The Trust) Monthly Total
Category 1 $22.00 $78.60 $20.80 $250.00 $371.40
Category 2 $11.00 $40.30 $11.55 $250.00 (optional) $312.85 ($62.85 w/o MTA-RSHP)
Category 3 $5.50 $21.15 $6.95 Not Eligible $33.60

*Note: Temporary Contract and probationary contract teachers are allowed to forego MTA-RSHP contributions until they gain permanent status. During the 2023-2024 school year, dues for Temporary Contract and Probationary teachers are $121.40 per month. All permanent members of the Association contribute to the MTA-RSHP.

Voluntary Contributions

There are many opportunities for members to contribute additional money to worthy causes that are aimed at protecting and advancing the teaching profession. Some funds are designed to help encourage young people to become educators in the form of scholarships while others are designed to help our members while in distress as in the disaster relief fund. As unfortunate as it is, our profession is constantly under attack by politicians trying to make a name for themselves. As a result, NEA, CTA and MTA are forced to get involved in politics in order to help protect our members. Your voluntary contributions help to make this possible as well. Thank you for your continued support and generosity. We are STRONG because YOU are STRONG.

For more information regarding your dues, please email us at mta@montebelloteachers.org or call us at (323)722-5005.