DACA Renewal Deadline & Resources

As educators, we always work to keep our schools safe for all students. It’s our responsibility to help raise awareness about the impending cutoff date for DACA recipients, since it affects our students, colleagues and community. Click here to learn more!.

2017-2018 MUSD Calendars

The Calendar Committee and the District have come to agreement on calendars for 2017-2018. These calendars were aproved by MTA Rep Council members at the April 25 meeting. CLICK HERE to see the calendars now.

Special thanks to the members of the MTA Calendar Committee: Anthony De Lorenzo (FPA), Elizabeth Kocharian (BGH), Alma Orta (SUE), Kathy Reyes (BGI)

School Supply Reimbursement Form

MUSD has prepared a form for you to be able to turn in your receipts so they can process your reimbursement.

For the 2016-17 and 2017-18 fiscal years, school sites will receive an additional budget allocation to be used for said reimbursements. The additional allocations are specifically for the reimbursement of classroom teacher expenditures up to $200 per year and exclusively for instructional supplies. It’s the responsibility of the administrator at each school site to monitor and ensure compliance (eligibility of teachers, classroom supplies and maximum of funds).

Click here to access the fillable PDF form which the classroom teacher is required to submit to the site administrator when requesting reimbursement. This form will then be submitted to Finance for tracking and audit related purpose.

The Finance Department has notified administrators via email and has furnished a copy of this form. Questions can be referred to your site administrator.