School Supply Reimbursement Form

MUSD has prepared a form for you to be able to turn in your receipts so they can process your reimbursement.

For the 2016-17 and 2017-18 fiscal years, school sites will receive an additional budget allocation to be used for said reimbursements. The additional allocations are specifically for the reimbursement of classroom teacher expenditures up to $200 per year and exclusively for instructional supplies. It’s the responsibility of the administrator at each school site to monitor and ensure compliance (eligibility of teachers, classroom supplies and maximum of funds).

Click here to access the fillable PDF form which the classroom teacher is required to submit to the site administrator when requesting reimbursement. This form will then be submitted to Finance for tracking and audit related purpose.

The Finance Department has notified administrators via email and has furnished a copy of this form. Questions can be referred to your site administrator.

California Supreme Court Rejects Meritless Vergara Lawsuit Appeal

In breaking news today, the Vergara v. California lawsuit brought by wealthy corporate special interests looking to eradicate educators’ professional and due process rights has ended at the California Supreme Court. The justices today refused to review the April unanimous state appellate court’s decision that ruled all the laws constitutional, criticized the lawsuit and overturned a lower Superior Court decision.

In today’s CTA statement to the media, President Eric Heins reiterated once again that the proponents of this legal attack failed to establish any violation of students’ constitutional rights. Read breaking news stories in the Los Angeles Times, Sacramento Bee and San Francisco Chronicle. The justices’ decision today is a vindication of what educators, school administrators, civil rights groups, legal scholars and other experts have been saying about the flaws in the Vergara lawsuit.

The Vergara case was funded and fronted by Silicon Valley multi-millionaire David Welch and corporate attorneys and a public relations firm who worked together to manufacture a misleading group called Students Matter, and to recruit the student plaintiffs.

Read the history of the case, and see how testimony by CTA members made a difference, in the CTA online hub about Vergara here.

Vote Yes ON PROP 55

California students, schools and colleges can’t afford to go back to the days of massive budget cuts, educator layoffs, larger class sizes and tuition hikes. Prop. 55 does not raise taxes on anyone; it simply maintains the current income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians. Prop. 55 prevents $4 billion in funding cuts to public education and protects other vital services, like children’s health care. Money goes to local schools and colleges and the Legislature can’t touch it. Prop. 55 contains strict accountability requirements to ensure funds designated for education go to classrooms, not to bureaucracy or administrative costs. Help our students thrive. Vote YES on Prop. 55 because our children and schools matter most.

It's also worth noting that MUSD certificated salary schedules will be directly impacted by the passage of Prop. 55. The MUSD-MTA Contract stipulates that half of the funding that exceeds District projections during the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years will be applied as a raise to certificated employee salary schedules.

Click here to find out how you can help ensure that this Proposition gets passed!


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